20ft Shipping Container for sale

20ft Shipping / Storage Containers

Standard Features

  • Built to international shipping standards so very robust, strong and secure
  • Flat plywood flooring
  • 5 x vents each side (total 10!) to ensure good adequate ventilation
  • Double locking bars and padlock lockbox for additional security
  • Nationwide delivery

Can Hold 10 Pallets per layer.

Free no obligation site survey & delivered anywhere within the UK

Container Sales UK Quick Quote

By far the most easily recognizable and most popular of our Shipping/storage containers.

Internal storage capacity of a 20ft shipping/storage container is 33 cubic metres. Typically this 20ft shipping/storage container has a similar capacity of a single garage and capable of storing the average contents of a 3-bedroom house.

The 20ft shipping/storage containers are used widely throughout the UK by storage companies.

Our 20ft. shipping/storage containers are constructed using marine grade steel with double door locking bars and a padlock cowl for additional security.

Our 20ft. shipping/storage containers are fitted with additional ventilation so that condensation is not likely to be a problem.

External Internal Openings Capacity
Length 6.00m (20ft 0ins) Length 5.89m (19ft 4ins) Width 2.33m (7ft 7ins) Pallet Capacity
(Per Layer)
1.20m x 1.00m
Width 2.40m (8ft 0ins) Width 2.35m (7ft 8ins) Height 2.28m (7ft 5ins) Pallet Capacity
(Per Layer)
1.20m x 0.80m
Height 2.50m (8ft 6ins) Height 2.39m (7ft 10ins) Cubic Capacity 33.0m³ (1165ft³)